Welcome to Siouxology

Welcome to Siouxology, a reincarnation of a murdered blog.  WordPress apparently has serious issues with outbound links within blog posts hosted on their platform, and will immediately and without providing the blog owner an opportunity to correct the grievous error, permanently suspend and take down blogs that use too many outbound links.

Why?  Because they claim it is an attempt to generate traffic for third-party sites, drum up advertising, or ‘game’ search engines.  (Really?  According to SEO best practices, an excessive number of outbound links makes a page appear extremely ‘spammy’ to search engines and they tend to avoid indexing them favorably.)

Why blogs should contain outbound links to other content…

The funny thing is – when you are writing a blog you are providing your own opinion until proven otherwise.  Providing outbound links for the statements you make gives you an opportunity to provide a reference for the material you are giving your readers.  Perhaps they want to know more about the topic than the simple sentence you’ve included.  Perhaps they need a detailed piece of source material for their own writing or research.

Perhaps you are simply attempting to give authority to your words – by letting readers know that the information you are claiming as true is at least as true as the source you obtained it from.  After all, we are in the age of fake news and there is plenty of information circulating on the internet that is not true, cannot be verified, or does not have a reputable source.  Outbound links defer that skepticism.

Or, as is another ‘best practice’ in web writing, you are giving credit where credit is due (because people who do not get credit often get very angry and very litigious when their ‘hard work’ is used without the courtesy of a backlink to acknowledge their efforts).

What this means for Siouxology…

This vitriolic (and unjustified) hatred for outbound links within WordPress content means one thing for Siouxology – there will be very few links pointing to other information elsewhere on the internet.  Unfortunately, if you want more information beyond that which is given or provided by the scant linking that will be done, you will have to perform your own searches, wade through the pages of useless search results, and cull the relevant data on your own.  You can thank the amazing and generous blog hosts, if you like.

I am just a simple writer attempting to provide useful information for those readers who are interested in it.  I’m certainly not the nefarious Black Hat spam-linking Google gamer that certain others would like to think I am.  I’m sure the life of this blog will be quite short now, given that I’ve cast aspersions on the character of those others.  At any rate, enjoy it while you can – it may not exist tomorrow!


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