About Siouxology

What is Siouxology?

Siouxology is a reincarnation of a former WordPress blog that had been around for four years.  WordPress, in their dubious wisdom, took down the former version of this blog – under another name – because they claimed it violated their Terms of Service and User Guidelines for various and vague reasons.

Gaming a search engine?  Boosting traffic to third-party sites?  Such harsh – and unfounded – accusations!  First of all, wouldn’t you think that if a blog, or any other site, was attempting to ‘game’ a search engine, it would have some quantity of measurable traffic?  On the average day, the former four-year old blog received between 2 and 6 visitors.  Wow, we got game!

As for boosting traffic to third-party sites…well, when I provide information in a blog post, I don’t want to do so without a reference point for readers.  Otherwise, I could make whatever ridiculous claims I chose and you’d just have to accept it as true because I’m not going to give you a link that enables you to verify the data or learn more about the subject.

Apparently, learning more about a subject via outbound links from within a blog is a frowned upon practice.  Seems like it defeats the purpose of a functional blog, yes?

Otherwise I’d just join the mindless masses at Twitter and babble incessantly about meaningless topics.  Functional blogs require validity and verification of information.

At any rate, the functional blog has been revived.  Most of the posts will be useful, with information relating to online marketing and SEO in some form or another.  There will be occasional posts about a random topic that catches our fancy, or something near and dear to our hearts.

Who is Siouxology?

Siouxology is actually one person.  The author of Siouxology is a published author and professional copywriter with over two decades of experience in most things revolving around the written word.

If you enjoy the posts, please feel free to comment on individual ones or get in touch via the Contact page.