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Weather Dot Com – A Complaint

This is strictly a complaint and I am extremely frustrated at the moment.  Many frowns abound.

I used to use The Weather Channel as my go-to source for weather information, and because my husband and son work outside sometimes, knowing the weather is very important.

At some point over the past year or so, The Weather Channel has changed the format of the main page on their website.  This is in reference to the desktop version, not the mobile version.

I just spent FOURTEEN MINUTES waiting for the primary forecast page for my area to load before finally giving up in frustration.  The page did not complete loading, and I could not access the hour-by-hour data.  I tried reloading the page twice, waiting a few minutes for each attempt, and then gave up entirely.

I have 30Mbps internet, so it is NOT my connection speed.

There is so much garbage on The Weather Channel’s website that it’s impossible to find weather information.  I counted EIGHT advertisements – three of which were auto-play videos – on the last fully complete page-load I was able to accomplish (about three days ago).  If it isn’t advertisements, it is links to all their ridiculous weather-related videos (including a bunch that have nothing at all to do with the weather).

It’s like when MTV went from actually playing music videos to spamming people with reality television shows and other talky-talky trash.  I stopped watching MTV when the garbage began outnumbering the music videos.  I guess I’ll have to switch to the equally hideous Weather Bug or AccuWeather or something else, now that THE WEATHER CHANNEL has decided to become the spammy-garbage-video-advertisement channel.

Rant done.  My less-than-humble apologies (but not to The Weather Channel).